IoT Sensor-Based Systems


The Internet of Things (IoT) is now a commercial reality

  • The IoT is how everyday physical objects are connected to the Internet
  • Fitness monitors are examples of new IoT devices
  • To learn more about fitness monitors download our Wearables Solutions Catalog

Fitness monitors require:

  • A heart rate monitor (HRM)
  • Activity monitoring and a step counter
  • BLE connectivity to a mobile device
  • A touch-based user interface
  • Maximum battery life

Designing a fitness monitor requires:

  • AFEs with opamps and an ADC to amplify, buffer and capture heart rate signals
  • Accelerometer to capture changes in motion
  • MCU with a BLE radio to connect to a mobile device
  • Touch-sensing IC to detect touches and gestures
  • ICs with low-power modes to minimize system power consumption