BLE Profiles


BLE Profile

A Bluetooth specification that guarantees application-level interoperability between devices that use the same Profile. For example, keyboards use the HID Profile and heart rate monitors (HRMs) use the HRM Profile.

Standard Profiles (or Adopted GATT Profiles)

Guarantee interoperability between two devices using the same Profile Defined by the SIG in the Bluetooth Spec Assigned a 128-bit Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) Natively supported by client1 operating systems e.g., Google Android 4.x, Apple iOS 8.x, Microsoft Windows 8.1.

Custom Profiles

Non-standard Profiles for custom applications not defined by the SIG Often provided by solution vendors for proprietary technologies e.g., Cypress provides a custom CapSense Profile Require a custom UUID Require custom software on the Client1 e.g., Cypress provides mobile apps for iOS/Android Clients with support for the Custom CapSense Profile.